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      Our Responsibility And Care


        Caring for Employees is a systematic and long-term beneficial program that Yingyang Group offers to its employees, striving on fulfilling both Know Needs and Potential Needs of the employees.  
        A good caring program helps elevating work enthusiasm, sense of belonging and loyalty from the employees.
        Yingyang Group conducts its employee caring mainly through the following activities: caring for new employees, caring for current employees, and improving work environment

      一、Caring for New Employees

      1、Detailed On-boarding Process
       ?。?)Before signing up, the HR department will prepare an on-boarding chart for each new employee, including a form for physical test, document and things to bring for the first day. 
       ?。?)On the sign-up day, the HR will walk the employee through the on-boarding process, helping the employee filling up all required forms and documents.
      2、Understanding the Job
        On the first day, the new employee will be introduced on his/her daily tasks for the work post, briefed on how to start in order to help the new employee establish an initial idea on the job.
      3、Three-Level Safety Training
        The first month of the new employee is dedicated to safety trainings, including the company introduction and policies.  This will help the employee understand company systems, requirements and policies. 
        In the first month, the new employee will be assigned to an experienced employee as a mentor.  The mentor will offer one-on-one training on all job-related knowledge and skills.
      5、Manager Visits
        During the first month, the new employee will be visited frequently by respective manager(s) in order to help the employee adjusting properly to the job.
      6、Welcome Dinner
        There will be a departmental dinner organized during the first week to welcome the new employee in order to create a sense of belonging. 


      Employee training

      Staff cafeteria

      Staff table tennis room

      二、On-the-job employee care

      1、Birthday care
        The company organizes a birthday party for employees every two months. Employees who celebrate their birthdays in the past two months get together to sing birthday songs, eat birthday cakes, fruits, snacks, etc., and take photos together.
      2、On-the-job training
        The company provides employees with professional skills training, management skills training, comprehensive quality training and other training programs free of charge to meet their career development needs.
      3、Holiday benefits
      (1)Holiday benefits
        National statutory holidays, the company distributes daily necessities such as holiday gift boxes to employees.
      (2)Summer benefits
        In summer, the company distributes heatstroke prevention and cooling items to employees, and provides free mung bean soup, ice cream, watermelon, iced water and other heatstroke prevention products to the workshop every day.
      (3)Winter welfare
        In winter, the company purchases incubators, lunch boxes, etc., and customizes new recipes every week, and delivers warm meals to on-the-job employees every day.
      4、Business trip care
        The company provides compensatory time off, subsidies for going out, etc.
      5、Child care
        The company provides certain policies to employees' children of school age, allowing them to study in Yinghai School.
      6、Health care
        The company conducts an occupational health checkup for employees every year for free. Considering that the company's employees are generally older, tumor screening items have been added to the health checkup program this year.
      7、Employee complaints
        Company employees can put forward opinions or suggestions to the company through a variety of channels, and can also make related complaints. The specific methods include: suggestion box, employee representative symposium, leadership symposium, annual satisfaction survey questionnaire, complaint hotline, Complaint mailbox, etc.
      8、Excellent staff selection
        At the end of each year, the company recommends 1-2 front-line employees from various departments and sections to participate in the selection of outstanding employees, and organizes an outstanding employee commendation meeting to give them bonuses or gifts.


      Staff gym

      Staff basketball court

      Staff football field


      三、Staff life, cultural and entertainment activities

        1、The company has opened a shuttle bus for employees in Tianjin, Tianjin Jinghai, Cangzhou Haixing, and Cuierzhuang Town in Cangxian County, making it convenient for employees to commute to and from get off work.
        2、The company has refurbished the dormitory in the past two years, installing insulation, installing air conditioners, replacing windows, replacing beds, and replacing bathroom equipment. The dormitory has also installed wireless networks, which can make it more convenient and comfortable for employees to live in.
        3、The company renovated the gym on the fourth floor, built a billiard room, a table tennis room, a multimedia classroom (playing the latest and hottest movies, or singing KTV for employees), and built a basketball court, football field, etc. in the factory, as well as a The outdoor small square for fitness can meet the fitness needs of different employees and enrich people's leisure life.
        4、The company invested a lot of money to improve the production process to reduce pollution and improve environmental protection, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources to plant trees, green plants, etc., in order to build our factory into a large garden-like family.


      Tug of War

      Staff dorm

      Employee physical examination


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